Meditation for Beginners

22 January to 12 March 2019 
Tuesdays 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Allerton Park, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire
£95, including course handouts and audio guided meditations
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Meditation is adventure, the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake. Meditation is just to be , not doing anything - no action, no thought, no emotion. You just are and it is a sheer delight”. (Osho)
This eight-week evening course is structured to give you all the tools you need to learn to meditate; and to go deep into your practice with the support and guidance of an experienced teacher. You don't need to have any previous experience, or to follow any spiritual path. All you need is the curiosity and sense of adventure to explore your own being and an openness to discover the stillness, equanimity, wisdom and insight that is revealed with this simple and yet profound practice.  

The main focus of the classes will be on mindfulness practice, also known as insight meditation or 'vipassana', which has been linked to many benefits. Mindfulness is the core foundation of any meditative practice, helping us to develop our awareness and presence in each and every moment.  During the course you will learn:
  • How to structure your practice, working mainly with mindfulness of breathing.
  • How to develop a stable concentration on any object of your mindful attention, steadying your mind and opening up an inner space of peace, calm and wellbeing.
  • How to investigate your mind and gain a healthy distance from the everyday mental patterns that can cause us distress, such as difficult emotions, or unwanted thoughts.
  • How to deal with distractions in your practice.
  • How to deal with resistances that come up as you establish a regular practice.
  • How to apply mindfulness and awareness to your daily life.
  • How to develop loving kindness and compassion, both for yourself, and for others.
  • How to develop an attitude of equanimity, tranquility, acceptance and good humour in the face of life's everyday challenges.
  • How to stay present in the moment - not jumping between the past and the future as our minds normally do - so that you can truly experience and open up to life.
Teaching is designed to help you get the most out of your practice - so although each evening will include some teaching, the main focus will be on meditating. All sessions will be led by experienced teacher Zeenat Cameron.  

Meditation audio recordings featuring key practices will be provided, as well as handouts of the course content and ongoing email support in between classes. 

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