Loving Kindness Meditation 

Allerton Park, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire
£30  incl. audio guided meditations.

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Loving-Kindness meditation is a beautiful practice on its own and is also a good companion to mindfulness meditation. On this class we will explore several practices to cultivate friendliness, love and kindness for ourselves, others and all sentient beings. 

In loving-kindness meditation we learn how to be more gentle and accepting of ourselves and others, and to see the bigger picture behind the negative judgements that our minds often project. It is the antidote to the harsh, critical and sometimes even cruel thoughts about ourselves and others which can so easily trouble and dominate our mind. 

Through loving-kindness we come to know our own inherent goodness, that innate part of us which is joyful, loving and generous and we naturally begin to extend this atmosphere of openness and friendliness to others. We open our hearts and experience a greater sense of belonging and connectedness to others and to all sentient beings on earth. 

Loving-kindness practice also brings calmness and steadiness to our mind and so it supports us to go deeply into other meditation practices, such as mindfulness. In the gentle and patient atmosphere of loving-kindness we are empowered to hold all of our experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant, safe or scary, with acceptance, peace and equanimity. In this way mindfulness and loving-kindness work together to help us embrace and be present to our thoughts, feelings and all of our experiences. 

The class will be guided by Zeenat Cameron, director of Insight for Wellbeing. During the class  there will be several sittings of loving-kindness meditation as well as time to stretch your legs in-between in the lovely surroundings of the meditation house. There will also be teaching to help us orient more deeply to the practices, and ample time for sharing and discussion.