Mindfulness Meditation Retreat


We hold a weekend mindfulness retreat three times a year. These events are an ideal way of deepening, or beginning, your mindfulness meditation practice, in the calm, peaceful, and supportive atmosphere of the meditation house in Leeds. The weekends are usually open to all levels of practitioner (although some require some experience) and it is possible to attend for one or for two days. 

During each day there are several sittings of mindfulness meditation, with time in-between to rest or stretch your legs in the beautiful surroundings.  We explore mindfulness of the breath, bodily sensations, thoughts and feelings and look at how we can bring mindfulness into our daily lives to help us be more present, deal with stress and increase our sense of wellbeing.  Each weekend has a specific topic to guide our mindfulness practice.

The weekends are guided by Zeenat Cameron, director of Insight for Wellbeing.  Contact us to be kept up to date about up and coming retreats.