Durga: Integrity, Fearlessness and Power

Friday 19 October to Sunday 21 October 2018 FULLY BOOKED
Friday 7pm to 10pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm
Allerton Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire 
£120  including audio recordings of the complete course.
This Tantra yoga meditation weekend will focus on the practices of Durga, the great Goddess or feminine power of inner Tantra Yoga. Durga translates as ‘fortress’ or ‘invincible’ and is primarily the force of consciousness which relieves inner and outer difficulties. Her energy heals our inner wounds and fears, and brings great vitality and stamina to the body and the mind. Portrayed as a beautiful warrior goddess, She is like a lioness protecting her cubs, both fortress and nurturer, invincible and yet approachable.  She is also known as ‘She who tears apart thought’, the one who stops the seemingly endless chain of thoughts, so we can experience the vastness and spaciousness of our true nature.
As with all deities, Durga is a personification of the absolute consciousness and of our own awakened essence nature. Her being feminine represents the active, dynamic principle of consciousness, which transforms, heals and integrates. In order to rest in our true nature as awareness, bliss, wisdom and compassion, we need to heal and release many deep fears, aversions, desires and emotions. We need to have the fearlessness and the clarity to see the negative tendencies of our mind, and the courage to step beyond them. This is the realm of Durga.
Durga energy also brings protection, both from outer material difficulties, and from our inner enemies. We can approach her when we are encountering hardship and struggle in our daily life, and the practices will give us protection and resilience. Often we most need protection not from the people and events around us, but from aspects of our own minds which cause suffering not only to ourselves but also to others – such as self-criticism and unworthiness, or our habitual projections, fears and cravings.  Durga can help us to recognise and move on from these tendencies with tenderness and honesty. She is therefore a deity that can bring a high level of psychological maturity and integration, so that we can healthily embody deep states of wisdom and compassion, and heal and move forward from our past.
She is usually depicted riding a lion, which in India is a symbol of ‘dharma’, the great law of nature. As Durga sits upon the lion she embodies the determination, strength, perseverance and fearlessness that we need to see things clearly, fulfil our potential and live our truth in the world. She brings integrity and clarity, so that our actions are in harmony with nature and with the highest good, not only for ourselves but for all beings on the planet. If we are struggling to find our path in life, to know our direction, to know how we can live with fulfilment and right livelihood, Durga will show us the way.
During the course we will learn Durga sadhana (practice) from the Tantra Yoga tradition, working with meditation, mantra and visualisation. We will explore her symbology and also experience her energy through the song (bhajan) and ceremony of Tantric ritual. Weather permitting we will have a fire ceremony (homam), an elemental ritual which ties our energies to the enlightened minds of the deities, and burns away the seeds of all negative actions.  We will chant from the Chandi Path, an ancient hymn to the Goddess replete with mantras which align us strongly with the Durga aspect of our consciousness. 

The practices work deeply on all aspects of the mind, body and emotions, including the brain, the physical body and the subtle energetic body. 

The teachings we will receive on this workshop are from the Kaula Yogini Nath tradition, an ancient stream of Indian Tantra Yoga dating back to the 10th century enlightened masters and consorts Matsyendranath and Uma Parvathi Nath. Zeenat has been authorised to transmit the teachings by her beloved teacher and lineage holder, yogini adept Parvathi Nath Saraswati.

COURSE REQUREMENTS: This course is suitable for those who already have a  dedicated practice in meditation, yoga or a related discipline. For those who are relatively new to Tantra yoga and working with the deities, Durga practice is a very accessible way to begin exploring this approach to conscious awakening.

COURSE LEADERS: The day will be facilitated by Zeenat Cameron of Insight for Wellbeing