Meditations To Try by Yourself 

These meditations will give you a flavour of some of the practices you might learn here at Insight for Wellbeing. The methods come from the mindfulness, Buddhist, Yoga or Tantra traditions and can be done by anyone, from beginners to those with a lot of experience. The practices are simple, short and easily done at home, or even when you are on the move, such as when travelling to work, or in your lunch hour.  

Each meditation is an experiment to help you discover the depths of your inner self and to find out more about what meditation can give you - from relaxation and calm, happiness and wellbeing, to a deeper connection with that light of awareness, presence and consciousness which is always there underneath the chatter of the everyday mind. 

The meditations can also have very practical effects, such as helping us cope with stress or insomnia, or bringing healing and compassion to those parts of ourselves we might otherwise reject.