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We visited Zeenat on 4th January 2017. Both my Wife & myself have never done anything like this before so as you can imagine we were both a bit apprehensive. We needn't have been as Zeenat made us both feel at ease & welcome. We had a 2 hour session learning how to firstly do mindfulness meditation then body scan, we found both so relaxing & will be practising both over next few months.We plan to take this further with Zeenat so looking forward to future courses that she holds.
Colin, Derbyshire.

I had such a wonderful day, thank you for everything; your welcoming vibe, open attitude, enthusiasm for other people's thoughts, experiences and opinions and informed content. I felt like I learnt a lot about mindfulness and the different ways in which we can practice it, and I really enjoyed the way you actually answered our questions with useful, historical information; your responses never felt defensive. We all said during and afterwards that we had an excellent day and I'm sure we'll be back for a deeper understanding session in the new year. 
Jacinta Kent, Leeds

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and would recommend it to anyone hoping to get an initial insight into mindfulness meditation. It gave a good balance of guided learning and practical exercises, and has given me enough of an understanding to take away and develop my own practice. Overall, it's been a great experience (plus, at what you're charging, good value for money!)
Charlie Eyre, Leeds

Thank you for a wonderful day on Sunday. I learnt so much from your sharing of expert knowledge and experience, I have definitely learnt skills for life! 
Claire H, Leeds 

After just one session [of individual coaching] I found a sense of peacefulness and calmness which has really helped me at a stressful time. I can recreate a small oasis of this when I slow my mind and body, and focus. Doing the Introduction to Mindfulness class helped me further, letting thoughts come in and out. I'm learning how to let thoughts come without judgements, one step at a time. 
Julie, Todmorden

I very much enjoyed Sunday’s workshop. I felt very comfortable and supported in your lovely studio, with your wonderfully calm, articulate and insightful teaching, and a beautiful garden all around. For me it was just gorgeous to spend a whole day practising, trying new things with a great bunch of people.
Jo N, Leeds

We both very much enjoyed the day. It was an excellent introduction to mindfulness, and we really appreciated your relaxed style. The mixture of practice and discussion was just right, the environment was lovely, and I particularly enjoyed eating mindfully!
Larry Reynolds, Ilkley

The day was wonderful and, if anything, better than I expected! I especially liked the opportunity to try a couple of different techniques for mindfulness meditation, the room has a wonderful ambience, and of course it is always so positive to spend time with other people of a similar mind. I would heartily recommend it to anyone with an interest in meditation.
Paul Vaughan, Leeds

Zeenat is an inspirational teacher and makes meditation accessible to everyone, even beginners. I am always amazed at how easily Zeenat explains esoteric techniques in very clear and simple terms, ensuring they are understood and practical for everyday life. I have taken part in many courses run by Zeenat over the years, and recommend anyone who is interested in finding space to nurture themselves to attend Zeenat's meditation sessions. 
Catherine, Glasgow

Zeenat is a very kind and caring person who teaches mindfulness in a friendly and relaxing environment. It's well worth giving it a try.
RJL, Leeds

The mindfulness day continues to resonate. As I said at the end of the day, it was exactly what I had hoped for. I needed to have my very elementary knowledge of, and skill at, meditation reinforced and further informed and you certainly did that. You also helped to create a safe atmosphere for learning and all-in-all it was a very enjoyable day. Thank you. 
Tina Bain, Leeds

I came away from Zeenat Sandra Cameron’s Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation day peaceful, energised and knowing that I have the basic elements of mindfulness under my belt. Zeenat created a wonderful atmosphere from the first moment by welcoming me into her beautiful home, garden and meditation space. It’s a perfect setting for this work. The whole day was carefully structured to include meditation, discussion and space for contemplation. It felt unhurried and spacious. 
I had been worried that I wouldn’t be able to meditate, that I couldn’t stop my mind from racing. Yet Zeenat led me gently into the process and created almost instant results. Within an hour I’d experienced the power of mindfulness. Brilliant! I’d also secretly harboured the thought that this might all be just too hippyish for me. I needn’t have worried. Zeenat was warm, friendly and approachable. I felt just fine. Overall this is a perfect way to spend a Sunday, I’ll be going back to spend more time with this wonderful technique and with Zeenat.
Tilla Brook, Life Coach

I really enjoyed being among like-minded, spiritually-oriented people. That matters a lot to me. You did a good job of making intelligible to us an abstruse spiritual practice/tradition (the Tantras) because you know what you're talking about. Days like that are important to me because they reinvigorate me, so to speak, and encourage me to stay focused on what really matters. 
Gerry Kilroy, Ilkley

I wasn't sure what to expect - it was a long time since I had last done any meditation and I came in a curious frame of mind. It was just what I needed to get me started again. I appreciated it being a small group. I liked your style and thought you dealt well with the variety of personalities in the group. 
Melva Burton,  Ripon, North Yorkshire