Meditate on Sound 

This meditation can be done anywhere, at home, on the train, in the office, and is a simple and powerful way of reaching the calm, silent centre of our being. 

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by sound - passing cars in the street, voices, computer keyboards, machinery, music, birdsong, the wind. Sometimes we enjoy the sound, and at other times we can view it as an annoying distraction. Yet whatever the nature of the noises around us, listening to sound, any sound, without judgement, can bring us to a deep state of meditation. This is because sound surrounds us, it comes from all directions; while the part of us that registers the sound, that is aware of it, sits silently in the middle, like the centre of a circle. In receiving sound with awareness we are guided to this still centre within, to the soundless core of our being

Allow around fifteen minutes for the meditation. It is best to do it with your eyes closed although you can also do it with eyes open. 

Sit still and with your spine upright and relaxed. Begin by noticing your breathing pattern as it is -  not doing anything with your breath but simply receiving it. After a few minutes of attention to your breathing, gradually bring your awareness to all of the sounds around you - be it the bustle in the street below, the noise of traffic, or the sound of the gentle music you are playing in your room. Simply be present to the sounds, and allow yourself to receive them. Allow the sounds to come to you. Any time you get distracted, bring your awareness back to receiving the sounds. 

When you complete the practice take a few moments to notice how you are in your body, mind and emotions.

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