Private Coaching and Consultations        

Zeenat offers private coaching in meditation from her base in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She sees clients mainly in the meditation house, and appointments via Skype or telephone can also be arranged for long-distance consultations.

Private coaching is suitable if you are a beginner and want to learn meditation, for example mindfulness, but would prefer private coaching to attending a class. Or if you already meditate but are unsure how to develop your current practice so it can continue to flow and go deeper. 

Whether you are new to meditation or have been practising for a while, one-to-one coaching can also be of benefit if you want to learn how meditation can help you deal with the particular issues you are facing at this time in your life, and to tailor the meditation practice to best suit your needs. Meditation is a powerful tool which can support us, whether we are in a transitional phase, dealing with stress, illness or difficult emotions, wanting to master our thinking minds rather than being driven by them, or are simply pondering the bigger questions, such as 'Who Am I?', and wanting to explore the deeper mystery of our own being. 

Zeenat will bring to the coaching her many years of experience as a teacher and practitioner in the Buddhist, Tantric and Yoga traditions; and her approach will also be informed by her broad experience and knowledge gained from her many years of practice as a clinical psychologist.

During the consultation Zeenat will talk with you about what you would like to work on, and then instruct you in, and guide you through, a meditation practice. You may be guided in mindfulness or in another meditation method from the Buddhist or yoga traditions (for example using visualisation, breath, or inner enquiry) depending on what would most suit you. It may be that one session is sufficient, or you may want to book further appointments depending on what seems the best way forward. Zeenat will offer practical support and guidance on how you can continue to practise by yourself. 

The fee for a private session is £40 per hour; (concessions are available on a sliding scale from £25, for those who are on a low wage, retired or unemployed). A typical session will last an hour, although longer sessions and personalised mini-retreats for 2 or more people can be arranged on request. 

If you have any questions on how coaching may help you, or want to book a session please contact us