Intermediate Evening Class in Meditation 

7 March to 2 May 2019 
Thursdays, 7.30pm to 9.30pm (Weekly sessions; no class on the 4 April). 
Allerton Park, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire
£105, including course audio recordings and handouts.

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Meditation brings insight into our negative emotions, unhelpful thoughts, and limiting beliefs, and ultimately gives us freedom from them. In this eight week long intermediate evening class you will be given the tools to deepen your meditation practice, so you can begin to break free from the most subtle and pervasive layers of your everyday mind, and discover a new freedom and confidence in your authentic self. It will build upon the meditation tools you have already learned, helping you to consolidate, stabilise and refine your meditation practice.
This eight week class is suitable if you’ve already attended the Meditation for Beginners evening class at Insight for Wellbeing, have completed a similar beginners class elsewhere, or have been meditating for a while. 
We will begin with a refresher on the basic principles of mindfulness and meditation and then the course will go on to explore:
  • The key foundations of meditation, such as right effort, right concentration and right mindfulness, so that your practice remains fresh, beneficial and enjoyable.
  • How to strengthen your concentration in meditation, so you can more easily filter out distractions and stay with the object of your attention. This brings power and sharpness to your mindfulness so you can more easily step back from the busy, ‘monkey’ mind.
  • How to deepen and stabilise positive internal states, such as compassion, loving-kindness and generosity, for the benefit of your own, and others’, wellbeing and happiness.
  • How to cultivate choiceless awareness, in other words that impartial and watchful state of mind, in which we are no longer controlled by our negative attachments, aversions and delusions.
  • How meditation can help you uncover and let go of any limiting beliefs or ideas around your identity as a person.
  • How we can positively adapt to change with the help of meditation on impermanence practice.
  • Meditation on the five aggregates of experience: material form, sensations, perception, thought and consciousness. Meditation on the five aggregates helps us to directly know the present moment, to experience reality, rather than perceiving it through the obscuring fog of the mind’s limited concepts.
  • Applications of mindfulness: coping more effectively with stress, illness, pain, change and conflict.
The main focus of the course will be on the practice of meditation, with time for sharing and discussion on key aspects of the teachings to help you deepen your understanding. 

The course is eight weekly sessions (please note there is no class on the  4 April) and will be led by experienced teacher Zeenat Cameron.  Audio recordings will be available of all class materials and meditations, as well as handouts of the course content, and ongoing email support in between classes. 

If you'd like more information or to chat about the course please contact us.