Tantra Yoga Meditation 

 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Allerton Park, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire
£95 including course materials and audio recordings of the course. 

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Tantra yoga meditation uses mindfulness, body awareness, visualisation and inner sound to heal our afflicted mind states and to help us connect with our essence nature as awareness, wisdom and compassion. Drawing on the ancient texts of India, such as the Vedas and the Tantras, the practices are strikingly relevant to modern times and to our need for balance, healing, self-understanding and peace.

This guided audio, Meditation on Inner Space, will give you a flavour of the meditations we'll explore on the class:

'Tantra' is translated as 'technique' or 'to liberate' and 'yoga' can be translated as 'unity', so the practices are methods to reveal our basic unity, or wholeness, by liberating us from the conflicts and limitations of our everydays thoughts and concerns.  We build a very stable and deep meditation practice, so we no longer cling to our habitual thoughts and emotional patterns, but come to rest in our own free and unencumbered nature as pure awareness itself.

Each meditation involves bringing our attention to some object, such as our breath or our senses; or for example, visualising an inner object, such as light moving within the body, or our body empty like space. As we hold our attention on the object, the mind stabilises and true presence is revealed. 

Many benefits arise from the practices such as improved focus and concentration, increased energy and vitality, physical and emotional healing, and greater connection with positive internal states such as joy, tranquillity and compassion. We realise that we are Awareness itself, far more than the ever-changing and insubstantial flow of our everyday thoughts and emotions. The practices teach us how to enjoy our lives, and participate in the world, yet without being overly affected by its stresses and demands, or becoming overly attached to its pleasures. 
The course will consist of eight weekly evening classes and will be guided by Zeenat Cameron, director of Insight for Wellbeing. It will be practically focused, with guided meditation and time for sharing and discussion in the group. We will work specifically with several of the methods given in key Tantric and yoga texts, including the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and the Yoga sutras.

The classes are open to practitioners with some experience in any form of meditation, such as western mindfulness approaches, vipassana, to meditations from the yoga tradition. The class is also relevant for those practising postural yoga, who wish to understand the roots of yoga as a path of inner transformation, and to experience the spiritual and meditation practices of this rich tradition.