What is Tantra Yoga Meditation?

'Tantra' is translated as 'technique' or 'to liberate' and 'yoga' can be translated as 'unity'. So Tantra yoga meditation is a set of practices that reveal our basic unity, or wholeness, by liberating us from the conflicts and limitations of the everyday mind.  The Tantra yoga meditation methods are simple and accessible ways for us to realise the pure Awareness that lies beneath the chatter and drama of our thoughts and emotions; and they help us to step back from these patterns of mind and to rest in the calmness, clarity, joy and wisdom of our true nature. Tantra says that we don't have to meditate for decades to taste a depth of stillness, peace and blissful inner expansion; it is available right now to any one of us.

he practices work with concentration, mindfulness, visualisation and inner sound (mantra). Each meditation involves bringing our attention to some object, such as our breath or our senses, or a mantra repeated silently within; or for example, visualising an inner object, such as light moving within the body. As we hold our attention on the object, the mind stabilises and true presence is revealed. 
Many benefits arise from the practices such as improved focus and concentration, increased energy and vitality and greater connection with positive internal states such as joy, tranquillity and compassion. In essence we discover the vast spaciousness and stillness at the core of our being. We realise that we are Awareness itself, far more than the ever-changing and insubstantial flow of our everyday thoughts and emotions. 
Traditional Tantra practices form the heart of Vajrayana Buddhism and of modern Yoga. Zeenat teaches particularly from the Kaula Yogini Nath school, an ancient stream of non-dual Indian Tantra dating back to the 10th century enlightened masters Matsyendranath and Uma Parvathi Nath. She teaches under the authorisation and ongoing tutelage of her beloved teacher and lineage holder, yogini adept Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati. 

Although the meditations derive from ancient schools of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, they are strikingly relevant to modern times, and are easy to integrate into busy lives. Tantra helps us to live joyfully and skilfully in the world while also following a deep path of inner transformation. Indeed the worldly and the spiritual are not seen as separate but as two aspects of an integrated whole. This integration happens the more we practice, as we come to realise that we are not simply the sum of our thoughts, sensations and emotions - that our essence nature is pure awareness or consciousness itself. Then we can fully live and enjoy our lives, while also being able to detach from the desires, fears and aversions that otherwise cause us so much suffering.