Here you can access articles by Zeenat about meditation and about the different approaches taught at Insight for Wellbeing. 

About Mindfulness  If you want to know more about mindfulness meditation and how it can benefit you. 

Mastering the Inner Critic How mindful awareness and cultivating detachment from our thoughts can help us deal with our negative and judgemental self-related thoughts. 

The Five Wisdoms  In this article Zeenat explains the Five Wisdoms of the Tantra Yoga meditation tradition, and explains how they can help us in very practical ways to be more fulfilled in our daily lives, and also to reach more awakened states of awareness and consciousness.

Equanimity: The Wisdom of Contentment In this article Zeenat speaks to us of equanimity, explaining what it is, and why developing it through our meditation practice is of such tremendous support and benefit to us in our daily lives.

Mindfulness and the Self In this article read about the self from the meditation point of view, and about how mindfulness can help us to break free of the limiting ideas we might have of ourselves to realise our greater potential. 

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