Golden Light Meditation 

The close link between our body and our conscious awareness means that we can actively use the processes of our mind, such as our concentration or our imagination, to generate energy and vitality within the body. 

In this meditation practice, from the Tantra yoga tradition, we nourish and feed ourselves with the sun’s rays, and direct its energy into our body using the power of visualisation. 

Outdoor Version
This practice is best done at sunrise but any time during the day is good. Sit or stand with your eyes closed, facing the direction of the sun. Take the time to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and to feel connected with its rays. Now feel that you are absorbing the sun’s golden light through your ‘third eye’: the point just above your nose and directly between your eyebrows. Imagine the light penetrating deep into the centre of your brain, and gradually expanding to fill your whole brain. As the light keeps entering, see it beginning to flow down from your brain into your body, filling every bone, organ and cell of your being, until you can see and feel your skin radiating with the light. 

Indoor Version 
You can do this practice even on the greyest and coldest of days, to feel warmed and revitalised. Do it in the same way as you would outdoors in the presence of the sun, except this time you are purely visualising the golden rays of light entering through your forehead like a penetrating beam, filling your brain and then flowing into your whole body. 

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