Meditate on Pure Awareness 

Allow fifteen minutes for December's meditation. 

Sit with eyes closed, your spine upright and relaxed. Begin by noticing your breathing pattern, simply letting it be as it is. You are not doing anything; rather it is your breath which is breathing you. Bring your awareness to rest upon your abdomen and feel the rise and fall of your belly as you breath in and out. Whenever a thought or other distraction arises, let it be there without judgement and simply return your attention to your breathing. 

After a few minutes gently move your attention from your breathing to the underlying awareness which knows you are breathing. Notice this part of you, this consciousness which is aware of all that arises in your body, mind and emotions. See how this aware part of you stays present even as your thoughts, feelings and emotions keep on changing. Come close to this awareness, this inner witness, and rest there. Rest in this pure awareness which is your essential self. 

When you complete the practice take a few moments to notice how you are in your body, mind and emotions.

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