Watch your Thoughts like Clouds in the Sky

Take around fifteen minutes for April's meditation. Sit comfortably where you will not be disturbed, your spine relaxed and upright. Close your eyes and take a few moments to tune inside.

Simply notice any activity arising in your mind - it could be thoughts or memories, distractions or daydreams. Observe without judging this procession of thoughts, images, or memories going through your mind. There is nothing you need to do with these thoughts except bring your attention to them; except watch them. If emotions or physical sensations arise, acknowledge them, let them be, and bring your attention gently back to witnessing the mental flow.  

Think of the mental flow as being like clouds in the sky: just passing through your mind like the clouds pass across the sky. As the big blue of the sky is always there behind the clouds; notice how the part of you that is able just to watch your thoughts is always there behind the mental impressions. 

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