Mindfulness of Activity Meditation 

In Doing, Become One with the Activity

The great beauty and profundity of mindfulness is that it is available at any moment. We need only choose to be mindful to become more present and aware. We can do mindfulness meditation anywhere and in just about every life situation we find ourselves in. The trick is to allow ourselves to be totally present and absorbed in whatever we are doing. 

So this August choose a simple activity you do every day (e.g. chopping the vegetables, having a shower, walking to the shops, working on a task, drinking a glass of water, exercising, eating a meal). Let yourself be completely present in and absorbed in the activity. When distractions arise simply acknowledge them without becoming engaged with them. Just let them be there and return your awareness to the activity. Try this for a few days and see how it changes the quality of your experience and shifts your state of mind. 

If you enjoy this meditation you might want to dive in deeper on one of our courses in mindfulness, such as our ten week evening class Meditation for Beginners or our day retreat Introduction to Mindfulness.